Terms of Service

Welcome to Burma Channel! The following terms serve as a contract that governs your use of burmachannel.com. They must be read together with our Privacy Policy.

By joining, or using burmachannel.com, you suggest that you have agreed to the terms of service.

  1. You must provide true and complete information when signing up with Burma Channel.
  2. Burma Channel is not accountable or responsible for contents that are posted by others and by our advertisers.
  3.  We do not tolerate, encourage, or expressively participate in plagiarism, unlicensed copying or posting of content or any other deeds of dishonesty or fraud.
  4. Anyone who submits a plagiarized content to Burma Channel is liable to punishment/ disqualification of his or her account and losing any benefits that he or she owns in Burma Channel.
  5. Every member is guaranteed a single log in access. If this agreement is breached then your account will be terminated.
  6. You must appropriately cite and feature any information that is copied or used from this Site by linking to (source: www.burmachannel.com) failure to do so raises copyright penalties.
  7. You may not transfer through the Site any material that inspires conduct that would institute a criminal offense.
  8. We do not privilege possession in any content that you might post through the Site. The implication here is that the content will be open to public access.
  9. You must not post false information or content that violates the privacy of some individuals, organizations or institutions (refer to privacy policy).
  10. You must not involve in any financial transactions in the name of Burma Channel without communicating with our Lead Team, otherwise it will be at your own risk.


This is a section of our privacy policy that deals with third party ads on our site (We thought it is important for users who visit the terms page only).

4) Third parties like Google will place ads on Burma Channel depending a users prior visit.

5) You can opt  out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie by visiting the Google ads setting.  Learn more on how Google manages data in its ads products in this Privacy & Terms web page.

To read Burma Channel’s full Privacy Policy kindly visit this page

TERMS UPDATED on May 24, 2018 to comply with EU user consent policy


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