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Obtaining facts leads to making informed decisions, At Burma Channel your health is our concern.

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The mission of Burma Channel is to provide a library full of plastic and cosmetic surgery information to support the medical readiness and care of the specialists, students as well as patients.

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We aim to be forward-looking, innovative by:

  • providing access to a broad scope of current, evidence-based medical, plastic and cosmetic surgery literature;
  • responding to the resource needs and requests of the readers;
  • performing literature searches in a timely manner;
  • capitalizing on the latest technology to make resources more accessible.

Everything we say is based on scientific evidence and written by experts. We are an unbiased and 100% independent website. We are not sponsored by any organisation or company.

We write articles that are well researched and easy to understand. We try to look at both sides of the story without prejudice to be objective.

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