Tyra Banks Admits She Got a Nose Job Early in Her Career

tyra banks nose job

Tyra Banks, a renowned super model, author and entrepreneur has always been at the forefront of empowering young women.

Recently, the former Victoria’s Secret model came out to admit that the modeling industry is NOT all ‘Naturale’.

In her new memoir which she co-authored with her mum (Perfect Is Not Boring), the 44 year old confirmed that she had a nose job earlier in her career.

Speaking to People, Tyra said she had bones in her nose that were growing and itchy. She further stated that she could breathe fine but felt that she needed plastic surgery.

Even though Banks assured us that she has not considered ‘age stuff’ which we assume to be either a facelift or botox, she said she’s open minded about the emerging and complex cosmetic procedures.

According to the former super model, her reason for coming out is because she feels a sense of responsibility to tell the truth. She admitted that she isn’t a supporter of the “no makeup” wave and advised her fans to be confident and use beauty products whenever they feel like doing so.

“As a model, I needed makeup. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, it leveled my playing field”.

Tyra Banks advised those who like their natural selves to stay away from cosmetic procedures. She is willing to share permanent and temporary solutions from her bag of trick to those who felt insecure.

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