What is Monsplasty? Cost, Recovery and Results

monsplasty cost

What is Monsplasty?

Monsplasty is a surgical procedure used to reduce and raise the Mons Pubis. Monsplasty is perfomed for both cosmetic and functional reasons. It returns the mons pubis to its original position.

Are You A Good Candidate For Monsplasty?

The pubic mons often becomes too large with fat gain or pregnancy. After significant weight reduction or childbirth, the mons pubis can loose connective tissue. This makes the attachments to sag.

When severe, this can interfere with getting garments to fit. Urination flow and even sexual relations become a problem.
Some women struggle with a bulge of excess fat and skin in the mons, the top part of the hair-bearing part of their vulva.

The bulge can result in women feeling too embarrassed to put on a swimsuit or tight trousers.

What Does a Monsplasty Do?

The purpose of a monsplasty is to reduce the amount of fatty tissue or skin. Its based upon the primary source of the bulge.

Anesthesia for a Monsplasty

Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, local anesthesia with oral sedation can be used. For some processes general anesthesia is preferred.

The Procedure

The volume of skin removed may be broad, while for some, liposuction is enough.

What’re the Risks of a Monsplasty?

In case things go south you can expect: bleeding, hematoma, infection and scarring.

Recovering from a Monsplasty

Recovery takes about a week, physical exercise is recommended for two – fourteen days. Its based on the extensiveness of the process. If skin has been removed, a drain or 2 can be put, with removal typically scheduled within the first day or two.

Results of a Monsplasty

This process results in a lower profile mons that generally jobs less in clothing. In some patients with a mons that hangs, removal of excess skin can result in less hanging.

Monsplasty Cost

The usual cost for Monsplasty ranges from $3000 – $7700 with an average cost of $5800 in the United States. Monsplasty cost vary by the complexity of the procedure. Geographic region and surgeon’s experience may affect price.

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