Ptosis Surgery Costs, Prices and Financing (Droopy Eyelid)

ptosis surgery costs
Patient with ptosis of both eyes.

For many individuals who’re considering droopy eyelid surgery (ptosis), the cost is among the most essential factors in deciding whether undergo the procedure. Whilst ptosis surgery costs varies depending on factors like the kind of technique utilized, it might be useful to note that the procedure doesn’t cost just just as much as lots of other kinds of plastic surgery.

Ptosis Surgery Costs

In comparison to much more major forms of surgery, ptosis may be done for an economical amount.

In 2019, ptosis (droopy eyelid) operation costs around $4,000, although some physicians might charge as low as $2,000 and others just as much as $7,000.

The various kinds of eyelid operation take various price tags as well. Normally, lower eyelid operation cost is about $2,400, whilst the price of upper eyelid surgery is usually around $2,100.

The Expense of laser eyelid surgery is typically higher than that of conventional ptosis and may be everywhere between $3,000 and $5,000.

Ptosis Surgery Fees

When a patient pays for ptosis, the cost is in fact a combination of various prices, the most substantial of which is the surgeon’s fee.

In accordance with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2004 the average surgeon’ fee for ptosis was $2,523.

The kind of anesthesia utilized from the ptosis procedure might cost between $400 and $600.

There’s also a fee for the use of the facility which increases with the period of time spent there.

Surgical suite fees are generally about $500 for a single procedure (lower or upper eyelids) and may reach between $800 and $1,000 for double procedures (upper and lower eyelids).

It has to be mentioned that eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure, and therefore the surgical suite fee is kept as low as possible.

Ptosis Payment Options

Most surgeons offer you the option of paying for this surgery with cash, check or major credit card.

In a number of cases, when the operation is not optional but is to be done to correct an impairment of vision, some insurance providers will cover a portion, or even all, of the total cost of the procedure.

The surgeons themselves can contract with individual financing companies which permit you to use loan options to pay for your eyelid operation.

Some surgeons offer discount rates when many processes are performed at once. It’s also a growing trend to give and get cosmetic surgery as a present.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Ptosis (Droopy Eyelid) Surgery?

Under many medical health insurance plans, eyelid surgery is considered an elective procedure.

The expense of eyelid surgery has to be covered by the patient because insurance agencies don’t consider the procedure medical necessity.

One notable exception, however, is in case of patients with ptosis, or severely drooping eyelids that hinder effective and safe vision.

Insurance agencies might cover all or part of the procedure’s cost for patients with this condition.

If eyelid operation seems off your budget, there are so many alternatives to this, such as laser skin tightening and eyes by Thermage.

These less invasive treatments can frequently achieve results very comparable to stomach surgery.

Additionally, you might consider signing up for among the numerous eyelid surgery financing options which are accessible to patients.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery Financing.

The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery has made available many new and convenient procedures for financing treatment.

For many, affording cosmetic eyelid surgery to improve their appearance and to improve their self-respect is no longer insurmountable hurdle.

Today, traditional payment options, along with funding, are offered by many surgeons to help facilitate the fiscal burden of many kinds of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
When insurance won’t provide the essential coverage for your ptosis operation, and the cost is more than you’re willing or able to handle from pocket or with your pre-existing credit cards, funding can be an option.

Many surgeons contract with various fund companies to provide patients with the capability to pay for their procedure throughout the assistance of a professional lender.

Most practices will be capable to help you in locating financial institutions that provide on-line applications or lenders you may contact by other means.

Your surgeon might contract with more than one institutions and be capable to hasten the application process.

Many lenders will accept debtors with a broad range of credit histories.

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