Gum Graft Cost – What is the Typical Price Range?

gum graft cost

Gums might recede with time due to destructive brushing, genetic predisposition for thin gum tissue or just a disease.

As the gum recedes it exposes the tooth root, and in several cases this makes the tooth quite sensitive to cold or hot.

A soft tissue graft can be utilized to cover an exposed root to improve the tooth’s appearance or to remove this sensitivity.

Gum Grafting Explained

When you lose a tooth or teeth, the bone and gums backing them start to diminish immediately.

The longer you wait before implant placing the more tissue you lose. Each case is different just as the requirements of each person.

Replace What Has Been Lost

There are numerous techniques to achieve a natural and lasting result, including xenografts, allografts, block bone grafts, autogenous bone grafts, sinus lifts.

The genesis and foundation of all graft is that transferred tissue is eventually replaced with your own tissue to help support the foundations for your tooth.

How Much Will a Gum Graft Cost?

Many dental insurance providers will cover part of the cost of gum graft. In case you don’t have insurance coverage, the cost of gum surgery depends on how much work is being done.

In 2019, gum graft cost between $600 to $1,200 for one procedure at the base of one tooth or in a specific small area, depending on the extent of the gum recession, the sort of tissue used (from the patient’s mouth or a tissue bank) and the periodontist (gum specialist) or dental practitioner.

Grafts using material in the tissue bank usually cost more than those done with tissue harvested from elsewhere in the patient’s mouth.

Trimming the gums into a more attractive look (gum contouring) can be completed in the same time as a tissue graft, bringing the TOTAL COST to between $1,000 and $3,000 per place.

Treatment for gum disease generally begins with a periodontal diagnosis exam and X-Rays, which can cost an additional $150 to $400 if not contained in the quoted price.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research lists ideas for finding low-cost dental hygiene providers.

gum graft before and after
Gum graft before and after photo. Techniques such as xenografts, allografts, block bone grafts, autogenous bone grafts, sinus lifts are used to complete the procedure

In case the patient has dental insurance, the insurance provider will offer a list of licensed dentists and periodontists.

A dental practitioner will typically supply a referral to local periodontists. Dental school clinics offer reduced rates for services by supervised students or faculty.

When picking a periodontist, ask about years of experience in practice.

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