Heart Shaped Nipples: Why Plastic Surgeons Don’t Recommend This New Trend

Heart shaped nipples are a body modification procedure that may be accomplished by tattooing or, less often, nipple grafting.

Cosmetic surgeons have condemned most body modifications processes, referencing a higher infection risk and scarring.

Obtaining heart shaped nipples is comparatively safe, as long as it’s done in the proper way and in the right setting.

Your tongue piercing or even belly button is unlikely to impress anybody these days.
Body modification today includes everything from body piercing and tattoo designs, to more intense surgeries involving subdermal implants, surgical procedures and injections.

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Among the hottest new trends within the body enhancement world is heart shaped nipples, but as attractive as they may be, probability is high your plastic surgeon will not take the job.

Here’s an example of what individuals in the body modification industry do to enhance their appearances, with or without medical approval.

Heart Shaped Nipples ‘Surgery’:

Much like most body modification operations, areola modification is virtually never done by an actual doctor.

Instead, it is often performed by a tattoo artist. The explanation for this are as follows:

  • cosmetic surgery is unlikely to give the preferred results because healing will alter the way hearts look indefinitely.
  • Many plastic surgeons have come out to condemn such body modifications.
    If you are already decided on getting the heart nipple tattoos, a good tattoo design artist or body modification artist is the safest bet.

Nipple tattoo designs have for ages been utilized in breast reconstruction surgery to create a more natural areola look in breast cancer patients who’ve had a mammoplasty.

Transgender patients are likely to prefer tattooed nipples so as to look natural or to cover scars following surgery.

This is all great news for persons who’re into the nipple tattoo fashion, because there are many professional tattoo design artists who’re knowledgeable in the procedure.

The process is performed exactly like getting any other tattoo; it’s done in your tattoo shop. But be careful: because nipple tattoo can pain more than you thought due to the area’s sensitivity.

Your tattoo design artist will work with you to alter the bodily appearance of your nipple. You will be in a position to change the dimensions, colour and form of the areola.

Heart shaped nipples are not the only craze these days. Tattoo design artists have also tattooed the areola to spider webs, flowers and stars.

Heart Shaped Nipples Surgery Cost

The usual cost for heart shaped nipples surgery ranges from $650 to $1,750 with an average cost of $1,300. Cost estimates are based on hundreds of reviews submitted on the forum website, RealSelf.

Nipple Grafting 101

Throughout breast reconstruction and surgical augmentation, surgeons might alter the appearance of the nipple and areola utilizing a process called grafting.

This method requires getting rid of the outer layer of the nipple. It is then replaced with a transplant from another part of the body.

Patients are able to have a customized shape and size of the nipple. The major disadvantage with this procedure is that nipple grafts have a tendency to decrease sensitivity and lower breastfeeding power.

In several cases, people who opt for grafting procedures experience hypopigmentation from the nipple and areola.

Cosmetic surgeons condemn this procedure of nipple modification unless it is absolutely necessary.

Why Plastic Surgeons Don’t Recommend This New Trend.

Ethiopia, China, India and Japan are examples of the states where body modification has for ages been utilized in religious and cultural ceremonies.

Whether it be the body piercing trend of the past century or the modern art of injecting an alien object under the skin for aesthetic purposes, Americans have mainly borrowed developments from others portions of the globe.

Even the most typical forms of body modification have their origins in religious customs, according to anthropologists.

For instance, male circumcision is a widely accepted form of body modification in U.S.

It was born from the Jew traditions, but is now a common exercise that some consider is essential for preventative health.

Generally, board certified cosmetic surgeons don’t complete nipple surgery. Some recognize that plastic surgery is a more socially standard form of body modification.

Most professionals differentiate cosmetic surgery from body modification by who performs the process.

Put simply, body alteration process that doesn’t involve a plastic surgeon, but instead a tattoo design artist is likely to be considered as a body modification.

In other words, cosmetic surgeons only perform operations which are carefully monitored have more training under their belts.

What You Need to Know about Heart Shaped Nipples

What’s the work of a fantastic plastic surgeon? It isn’t about skill, degrees, awards and training.

It all about how exceptional a surgeon guides his patient to attain the desirable end results.

The fact of the matter is, body modification processes attract more risks than plastic surgery.

They come with a high infection risk, and several are categorized as experimental.

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