This Is Officially The Fastest Growing Trend In Plastic Surgery

Trend In Plastic Surgery

Woman parts come in different shapes and sizes. There’s no perfect model to aspire to and no standard.

This is why it’s concerning that requests for labiaplasty – a procedure that removes surplus tissue from the labia, either for cosmetic reasons or for women who feel uncomfortable due to inflated or elongated labia – have risen steeply over the past few years.

According to a recent post published by The Sun, “designer vaginas” are up 45%. It has risen to quickly become the world’s fastest budding trend in plastic surgery.

The Genesis? Porn.

Back in 2008, the Brazilian and Hollywood waxes were not common, which meant we did not really see women’s vaginas up close and personal.

But with the rise of internet porn and the growing popularity of extreme waxing, we can now see every wrinkle, kink and crease at the click of a button.

Certainly, the ones that we see on the internet are homogenized – neat and in proportion.

This means that most women of our generation are now comparing themselves and feeling like they are not good enough for the simple reason that their bits might look too wrinkly or saggy.

Some experts associated the rise to functionality – like minimizing pain, irritation and increasing pleasure during intimacy or after childbirth.

The procedure has also become more readily available. While the surgery is considered safe if performed by an accredited surgeon, there are some associated health risks.

Some women experience chronic vulvar pain after labiaplasty and other cosmetic procedures.

Every time you cut off a piece of tissue, there is a chance of bleeding or infection then subsequent scarring.

Scarring may cause nerve endings where scar tissue cause pain or discomfort going forward.

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