How Much is an Oncologist Salary?

Hematologist salary and Pediatric oncologist salary are fairly high in most regions

Oncologists have several duties and responsibilities, primarily diagnosing and treating cancer patients. Oncologist salary average $358,000 in 2019.

What is an oncologist?

Oncology is the study of cancer. An oncologist is a doctor that major in the treatment of cancer (Learn more). The field divided into five areas;

  • Medical oncologist – They focus in the treatment of cancer through administration of chemotherapy drugs.
  • Radiation oncologist is trained to treat cancer via administration of radiotherapy.
  • Surgical Oncologist remove tumor, tissues nearby and perform biopsy.
  • Hematologist-oncologist is known to diagnose and treat blood cancers, such as myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Pediatric oncologist treats cancer in children and teenagers.

In today’s cancer therapy, radiotherapy is often used in combination with chemotherapy drugs because they prepare tumor cells to the effects of the radiotherapy.

The best blend of treatment for individual patients is normally talked over in the MDT weekly meeting.

During the meeting, pros and cons of each mode of therapy is discussed with the pancreatic surgeons, pathologists, hematologist, radiologists and specialist nurses.

What Does an Oncologist Do?

These doctors often work in a hospital or medical setting. Though many work during normal business hours, it is not unusual for an oncologist to work overtime.

Oncologists usually collect medical history information and perform physical examinations on their patients.

How Much is an Oncologist Salary? Here are the starts by geographic location

They conduct diagnostic procedures such as surgical operations, X-ray, scans, MRI, biopsy to determine tissue condition to detect.

Once cancer has been positively diagnosed, Oncologists treat the disease using surgical removal method, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


These medical professionals may also refer their patients to a different specialist based on their forte or therapy training to ensure proper treatment.

They explain the cancer development stages to their patients, discussing options and assisting in the management of pain. They walk with their patients throughout the entire course of treatment.

Education and Training

Just like other specialties in medicine, oncologists must obtain an undergraduate degree and graduate from medical school.

They then proceed to medical residency, which lasts 3-5 years depending on the area of specialty. After residency and fellowship, surgeons sit for a licensing exam.

How Much is an Oncologist Salary in 2019?

What is an oncologist? What Does an Oncologist Do? According to Medscape report, men receive better pay than ladies.

According to Medscape report of 2016, oncologists enjoy an annual average salary of $358,000. Lowest salary is $267,000 while the highest paid oncologist earns $453,000.

Oncologists had an 8% salary increase in 2016, fourth largest among all medical doctors. Male oncologists earn more than their female counterparts. Male oncologists’ salary averaged $344,000 and the ladies enjoyed $285,000, a difference of $59,000.

According to National Institute of Cancer, the demand for Oncologist is increasing dramatically. The average hematologist salary is $330,000 while pediatric oncologist salary stands at $280,000.

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