Neurosurgeon Salary: How Much Money Neurosurgeon Make a Year

how much money does a neurosurgeon make a year

Neurosurgeon Salary: $380, 378

In 2019, Neurosurgeon salary average $380,378 per year, doctors who specialize in spine surgery get the highest pay in this category.

Neurosurgeons are expert surgeons who focus on procedure that correct brain, spine and nervous system problems through surgery. These may include specialized neurological procedures to correct back problems and remove brain tumors.

Job Description For Neurosurgeon

This field is diverse with a variety of practice settings; some doctors exercise general neurosurgery, but others limit their skills to specific sub-specialties. The specialties include; vascular/endovascular, tumor, pediatrics, spine, peripheral nerve, functional, and skull base.

Neurosurgeons are tasked with diagnosing neuron-related illnesses, prescribing and administering treatment for those suffering from injury or disease. They also obtain patients medical histories, examine them, perform and interpret diagnostic tests.

As a doctor working directly with patients they may offer advice on diet, counseling on hygiene and preventive health care.

Patients suffering from brain disorders might struggle and have trouble in expressing themselves; the surgeon is therefore expected to be so patience and understanding. Good communication and people skills are essential to working with all the stakeholders in this field as well.

Geographic locations affect neurosurgeon salary

Apart from being an expert in the operating room, the surgeon should be sensitive when handling patients and family members who may be in delicate emotional states due to the state of affairs.

Neurosurgeons must show competency, confidence, and assurance at all times. They must be willing to work any time of day or night they are called upon.


The pressure is remorseless, as these surgeons frequently come across and deal with life-or-death situations. Since they may handle multiple cases at any given time, they must also be organized.

Neurosurgeon Duties and Tasks

  • Meeting patients and questioning them, evaluate test results as well as diagnosing conditions or their absence.
  • Performing surgical procedures, both investigative and for treatment.
  • Discuss test results and possible courses of action with patients and help them in the decision-making process.
  • Teach medical students and supervise residents.
  • Document and track all treatments and other health data.

How Much Money Neurosurgeon Makes a Year

Neurosurgery is an intricate profession demanding much training. Compensation mirrors the required expertise and weight of the job.

According to bureau of labor statistics, neurosurgeons enjoyed an annual average salary of $767,627 in 2016. Lowest salary is $592,811 while the highest paid doctors earn $925,300.

Such high salaries, according to research are due to the shortage of neurosurgeons, the anticipation that these experts work overtime and complexity of the cases they handle.


Experience is one of the key deciders of neurosurgeons’ salaries. A study conducted in 2016 by Profiles established that neurological surgeons enjoyed an average starting salary of $395,000. After 7 years in practice, the average salary rose to $589,500 .

According to the report, neurosurgeons with 6 to 15 years’ experience earn an average income of $914,796. Top neurosurgeons make more than $1 million annually.

Education and Training

Expect to spend some lengthy time training to become a neurosurgeon. In addition to a 4 year college degree, neurosurgeons must complete 4 years of medical school; spend another year as an intern and then 5-7 years training as a resident.
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