Plastic Surgeon Salary – How Much Does Plastic Surgeons Make A Year?

Plastic Surgeon Salary
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Plastic Surgeon Salary – Around $370,329

Plastic surgeons are known to nip and tuck bodies of patients who feel less pleased by the abnormal structures in there body. With the salary increasing from a 2012 median of $264,000 to this year $370,329 we take a look at what it takes to be a surgeon and details of a plastic surgeon salary.

How Much Does Plastic Surgeons Make A Year?

  • Median pay: $370,329 ✔
  • Top pay: $459,576 ✔
  • Lowest Pay: $309,646 ✔

In a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction was found to be the most popular plastic surgery conducted last years followed by breast augmentation. The study also found that men formed 9% of the total surgeries, as women made a majority 91%.

Factors that determines Plastic Surgeons Salaries

Like any other profession, the salary mainly determined by the level of education and experience the doctor has.
Below is a list of the most common factors that determine how much plastic surgeon earns.

  • Professional associations and certifications – In today’s world, certified professionals are paid more compared to there counterparts.
  • Years of experience – The more the years of experience a surgeon has the more the pay.
  • Education – Surgeons from top recognized colleges tend to be paid more.
  • Region – There are states that pay more compared to others.
  • Performance Reviews – Better reviews are an indicator of one’s ability to do more hence better pay.

How Do You Become A Plastic Surgeon?

It will take you a 14 to 15 year education process ??? to study and become a plastic surgeon.
Medical school require applicant to not only hold an undergraduate pre-medical degree, but ensure that it meets the set criteria.

How Much Does Plastic Surgeons Make A Year
Plastic Surgeon Salary; How Much Does Plastic Surgeons Make A Year

The recommended courses are Bachelor of Science degrees in calculus, statistics or even both, as well as microbiology, organic chemistry and biochemistry.
You then need to complete a 4 year doctoral program at a medical or osteopathic college after completion of your undergrad degree.
To break it down, the first two years are in classrooms obtaining deeper understanding of science and medicine. Some of the areas covered include; doctor-patient relationships, human physiology, Pharmacology and immunology.


The last two years are spend in a clinic or hospital setup, with students gaining hands on training in surgical settings.
Plastic surgeons finally spend 6 years in surgical residencies mastering the skills under the supervision of veteran experts. Highest levels of education of a plastic reconstructive surgeon include a JD, MD or PhD.

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