Male Tummy Tuck – After Excessive Weight Loss

A flat, toned stomach is a physical attribute that lots of men strive for. It’s also something which many men find difficult to attain on their own but thanks to male tummy tuck its possible.

Fluctuations in weight and changing genetics play a part in how our midsections look, while long distance travel and sitting at a desk all day don’t assist.

The truth is that a number of social and environmental factors are able to keep men from looking their best.

Today more men than ever before are turning to cosmetic surgeons to help combat these factors and recover their physique.

“Abdominoplasty”, or what we refer to as male tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin tissue whilst tightening diminished abdomen muscles to create a masculine profile that’s firmer and more defined.

Ideal Candidates for Male Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty can be performed on a broad range of patients and body types. Candidates for belly tuck surgery must be in good general health and have realistic anticipation about the procedure.

Patients should be looking to correct over one of the following:

  • Protrusion of the abdomen
  • surplus abdomen skin and fatty tissue

Preparing for Male Tummy Tuck Surgery

Prior to operation, the doctor will talk about what you should expect before, during, and following the procedure. Patients must stop smoking and carrying anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, at least a month later and before operation, as these can increase bleeding as well as the odds of complications.

The plastic surgeon will give you detailed instructions on the best way to care for yourself both after and before the belly tuck procedure.

The Male Tummy Tuck Surgery

Male Tummy tuck procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.
The method used for surgery depends on the patient’s taste and what the plastic surgeon thinks will likely offer the most beneficial results.

Male Tummy Tuck Recovery

Following the operation, water-proof bandages are applied and a compression garment should be used to help diminish swelling.

To have a secure recovery, it is essential that patients follow postoperative guidelines, which include:

  • Assessing follow-up visits to ensure no complications are developing
  • Applying ice packs to the abdomen area and getting plenty of rest
  • Taking prescribed medication to ease soreness

How Much Does a Male Tummy Tuck Cost

The full cost of a tummy tuck comprises of a number of fees, including:

  • Facility fees
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Post-surgical garments
  • Most patients can go back to work in about a week but should steer clear of any strenuous activity or exercise for two to 3 months.

Scarring can easily be concealed beneath a underwear or swimsuit and will fade over the coming months. Applying silicone sheets to the incisions can help speed up the process of healing.

Male tummy tuck before and after. //Photo Credits: Colorado Plastic Surgery.

Cost is a consideration for any cosmetic procedure, but it is significant to remember your ultimate satisfaction will be based on far more compared to fee.

The surgeon combines the training, expertise and dedicated care to offer exceptional results for patients.

Abdominoplasty is frequently along with a few other cosmetic procedures, such as a male eyelid surgery, male liposuction, male breast reduction or a combined male makeover procedure.

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