21 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy and Leave Him Thinking of You

Want to start something, but aren’t sure how to go about it? These flirty questions to ask a guy are the perfect start to leave him thinking of you.

Letting a guy know your interest in him is a little nerve wracking. One of the easy solutions is to strike a flirty chat with him.

You don’t have to be too straight forward or risky, just ask some silly, funny, flirty questions and see where the conversation takes you. Most important, see if he starts flirting with you too.

21 flirty questions to ask a guy

If you want to start a flirty conversation with a guy, giving him an indication you like him then you are in luck. Here we’ve compiled a great list of 40 flirty questions to ask a guy!

#1 Have I seen you here before? Even if you haven’t, this old classic ‘do you come here often’ sends a clear signal you want a flirty conversation.

#2 Have you been working out? Asking a guy this is an obviously way of letting him know you’ve been checking him out, and think he looks good…

#3 Do you have a girlfriend? This question makes it pretty obvious to a guy you want to be more than just friends, right from the outset. For some guys, this kind of bravery is pretty sexy!

#4 Do you prefer cuddling up or having a make-out session? Talk of putting pictures in his head, making him imagine of what it might be like to cozy is a good indication you like him and want things to get flirty.

#5 Are you a cat or a dog person? Everyone knows this question is used to find out whether two are compatible. However, if you love cats and they are not, it’s doomed!

#6 Why don’t you tell me more about yourself? This is a flirty question that demonstrates your interest in him and the fact that you would really like to get to know him better.

#7 What’s the best kiss you’ve ever had? Needless to say, asking a guy to reminisce hot kisses that he’s had will turn his mind to sex.

#8 What’s your type? Now it’s time to find out his ride or die kind of chic, is it you

#9 How can you be single? The purpose of this question is to send a message that you think he’s great and would swing him right up off that singles shelf in a heartbeat.

#10 How did you get to be so cute? If he likes cheeky girls he’ll love the compliment and give you one back right away! This question is cute and flirty without being too straight forward.

#11 What’s your ideal date? If you can get him to think about dating, hopefully he’ll picture you there with him.

#12 Are you busy on…? Definitely the nicest way to get him to ask you out without being too direct.

#13 What’s your opinion on a girl making the first move? Message sent home…here you pretty much tell him you’ll make a move on him if he wants you to. It also offers him an opportunity to easily shelve things if he doesn’t feel the same way.

#14 Do you ever get shy around me? If he does he’ll probably blush and stutter.

#15 What turns you on? If you want to be more straight forward, turn the discussion to sex and see where it takes you.

#16 What turns you off? Knowing the kind of things that turn him off probably be useful in the future.

#17 Are you a shy guy? If he gets shy around you, chances are he fancies you.

#18 What do you value in a relationship? Helps you find out if you are compatible.

#19 What do you like about me? Open the door for him to give you compliments. Then sit there and bask in the glory!

#20 What excites you? This leads to a bonding conversation and makes him feel more connected to you. Find out what his passions are “not just sexually”.

#21 Can you look after me? Make him feel all manly and protective by playing the damsel in distress.

These 21 flirty questions to ask a guy are what you need. So, next time you see your crush, and you feel ready to try some flirting, use the questions from this list.

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