10 Signs Of A High Maintenance Lady

What makes a lady high maintenance? These are the 10 signs of a high maintenance lady, read to know if you are too expensive for your man to afford.

A high maintenance lady is a compliment that is often not voiced until you are dating the wrong man.
Men might complain about courting a high maintenance lady, but every man desires to be with one.
Is it possible that the so called “high maintenance” ruin your perfectly good relationship?

Is it bad to be a high maintenance lady? Below is a list of the traits of a high maintenance lady as well as the positive and negative sides of being one.

10 signs of a high maintenance lady

#1 All eyes on you. All eyes always tend to turn in your direction wherever you are. No one even notices your guy unless you’re holding his arm.

#2 Your guy believes your favorite hotels are fine dining experiences. You enjoy your dates more in the finest restaurants and places, it’s a good thing…. unless your man can’t afford it!

#3 You need money to be happy. It’s wrong to believe that you can only enjoy your relationship if your partner is wealthy. It may sound harsh, its bad and you may need to change on this before it’s late.

#4 You like spending on bling frequently. Buying new jewels or extravagant things makes you happy; you do so several times in a month.

#5 You think you’re better than any other girl. You don’t like being put down by any other lady and have very high self-esteem / confidence.

#6 You always look like you’ve stepped out of a salon. You like looking like a glam goddess; It doesn’t matter the day or the time, you’re beautiful and exceptionally well dressed at all times. All the dudes who walk past you can’t help but notice you in admiration.

#7 If you like something, you want that thing. Can’t have it, won’t have it is not your portion. You believe you should own anything that impresses you and won’t rest until you get it.

#8 Your bae gets nervous when you inform him you need to go shopping. Even though you spend money on things that make you or even the homestead look good, your man thinks you’re wasting money.

#9 You think you deserve a better man. The thought “you are better than your man” may have crossed your mind a few times in the past.
#10 You get embarrassed easily. You feel terribly ashamed when your man doesn’t conduct himself properly or is not presentable.

High maintenance women and the men they date

Are you a high maintenance lady who makes her man put up with her or an tolerant girlfriend who puts up with her man? In this case, there’s no clear winner. There’s just a thin red line.

Most men dread the idea of going out with a high maintenance lady. They badly want to date her, but wither at the sheer thought of it. But then again, a high maintenance lady isn’t for every man, is she?

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